Private Equity - Quarter 1 2017-18

All Cardiff Council's Private Equity Funds. This list includes, specifically, Commitment, Contribution Value and Internal Rate of Return. This data is published quarterly however this is always a quarter after the data period. For example Quarter 1 data becomes available at the end of Quarter 2 rather than Quarter 1, this is due to the time some funds take to produce the information.

Enw Arddangos

Holl Gronfeydd Ecwiti Preifat


Holl Gronfeydd Ecwiti Preifat Cyngor Caerdydd. Mae’r rhestr yn cynnwys, yn benodol, Ymrwymiad, Gwerth Cyfraniadau a Chyfradd Dychwelyd Fewnol.


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Private Equity - Quarter 1 2017-18.xlsPrivate Equity - Quarter 1 2017-18Q12017-18
Private Equity - Quarter 1 2017-18.csvPrivate Equity - Quarter 1 2017-18Q12017-18