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Folder: FOI9719FOI9719Public Service Unions Facility TimePublic Service Unions Facility TimeMar
Folder: FOI8833FOI8833HMO - Asylum SeekersHMO - Asylum SeekersOct
Folder: FOI5340FOI5340Geographical Area Covered by City Centre ManagementGeographical Area Covered by City Centre ManagementOct
Folder: FOI18953FOI18953Dropped KerbsDropped KerbsFeb
Folder: FOI18944FOI18944Disabled Parking Bay FinesDisabled Parking Bay FinesFeb
Document Collection: FOI18935FOI18935Evictions from local authority housingEvictions from local authority housingFeb
Folder: FOI18899FOI18899Looked After ChildrenLooked After ChildrenFeb
Folder: FOI18898FOI18898Gypsy TravellerGypsy TravellerJan
Folder: FOI18886FOI18886School Racist IncidentsSchool Racist IncidentsJan
Folder: FOI18877FOI18877Legal case management softwareLegal case management softwareJan
Folder: FOI18857FOI18857Fire Safety RegulationsFire Safety RegulationsJan
Folder: FOI18852FOI18852Council TaxCouncil TaxJan
Folder: FOI18848FOI18848Occupational TherapistsOccupational TherapistsJan
Folder: FOI18841FOI18841Housing band AHousing band AJan
Folder: FOI18838FOI18838Burials and CremationBurials and CremationJan
Folder: FOI18837FOI18837Housing DatabasesHousing DatabasesJan
Folder: FOI18835FOI18835Warm BanksWarm BanksJan
Folder: FOI18832FOI18832Schools Waiting ListsSchools Waiting ListsJan
Folder: FOI18819FOI18819Staff SalariesStaff SalariesJan
Folder: FOI18817FOI18817Potholes 2022Potholes 2022Jan
Folder: FOI18811FOI18811PCN's and Traffic Lights - AdamsdownPCN's and Traffic Lights - AdamsdownJan
Folder: FOI18809FOI18809Bonuses and Redundancy PaymentsBonuses and Redundancy PaymentsJan
Folder: FOI18800FOI18800 Cargo Containers Accommodation Cargo Containers AccommodationJan
Folder: FOI18798FOI18798Contact Information / Supplier DetailsContact Information / Supplier DetailsJan
Folder: FOI18794FOI18794Smart Energy Meters - Public BuildingsSmart Energy Meters - Public BuildingsJan
Folder: FOI18787FOI18787Bridge ConditionBridge ConditionJan
Folder: FOI18782FOI18782Right to Buy PropertiesRight to Buy PropertiesJan
Folder: FOI18776FOI18776Home WorkersHome WorkersJan
Folder: FOI18759FOI18759Allotment waiting lists and timesAllotment waiting lists and timesDec
Folder: FOI18754FOI18754Childrens Social CareChildrens Social CareDec
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