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FOI & Open Data9909724/06/2021 11:23:38Cardiff Council Pay Report Request Loading
FOI09620 - Attachment 1.pptx24803727/02/2017 15:48:36
FOI09620 - Attachment 1.pptx24804127/02/2017 15:48:36
Slide 124821430/03/2017 13:56:35Pages 5, 6 Page 4 Page 3 Business Development Officer Business Systems Co-ordinator Page 2 Page one FM OM2 Business Development Officer 1/12/16 Business Systems
Slide 124882120/07/2017 13:32:06Operational Manager, Information Governance & Risk Principal Information Governance Manager (Grade 10) 1 x Data Protection Officer (Grade 8) 1 x Investigation and Data Loss
Slide 124904814/09/2017 12:11:23Pages 6, 7 Page 4 Page 3 Page 2 Business Development Officer Business Systems Co-ordinator Page 2 Page one FM OM1 Business Development Officer 23/05/17 Business Systems
FOI10535 - Attachment 3 of 6 - CTS Structure 2017.pptx24905014/09/2017 12:10:10
Slide 125071313/09/2018 09:09:56Benefit Assessment Current Temporary Benefit Assessment Manager Grade 9 x 1 Temporary Welfare Reform Manager Grade 8 x 1 Document Management Supervisor Grade 6 x 1 - Release FilepptFalseppt
FOI14107 - FOI Response Document.pptx25137218/10/2019 12:58:24OM Restorative, Leaving Care and Edge of Care Services OM Direct Adult Social Care Services Service Manager (Safeguarding – IRO and Conference Chair
Cardiff Council Employee Diversity Report 2018203994Cardiff Council as a local authority has a specific duty under the Equality Act (2010) to collect and report on employment and pay information. The datasets attached fulfil our specific duty requirements. Our employee data includes information on: recruitment, training, grievance and disciplinary procedures and pay differences. Mae gan Gyngor Caerdydd fel awdurdod lleol ddyletswydd benodol dan y Ddeddf Cydraddoldeb (2010) i gasglu ac adrodd ar wybodaeth cyflogaeth a thâl. Mae’r setiau data a atodir yn cyflawni ei gofynion dyletswydd penodol. Mae ein data cyflogeion yn cynnwys Gwybodaeth am: recriwtio, hyfforddiant, gweithdrefnau camwedd a disgyblu a gwahaniaethau tâl.12/03/2019 14:33:00Each year HR People Services (HRPS) develops an Equality Report based on the statutory requirement for provision of equality data From analysis of the data, actions are developed Equality Data - 2017-18_UVKNZ9docxFalsedocx






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