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Publication Scheme:
Council Function:
TitleSubjectPublished Date
FOI10390_03MEB1Empty Domestic Properties24/04/2018
FOI10987WESP Rapid Review24/04/2018
FOI11086Authority Owned Vehicles24/04/2018
FOI11260Outsourced Waste Contracts24/04/2018
FOI11309EU National Foster Carers24/04/2018
FOI11318Agent Water Charges24/04/2018
FOI11337Grant Byw’n Annibynol Cymreig - Welsh Independent living Grant24/04/2018
FOI11365Waste Collection and Recycling Methods24/04/2018
FOI11391Care Experienced People24/04/2018
FOI11394Fines for Littering24/04/2018



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