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Publication Scheme:
Council Function:
TitleSubjectPublished Date
FOI11987Green Fleet Plans09/07/2018
FOI11572Homelessness Prevention Spend21/06/2018
FOI11584ICT Software Procurement21/06/2018
FOI11592Road Compensation Claims21/06/2018
FOI11593Hafan Gobaith, Fairwater, Cardiff21/06/2018
FOI11622Adults Supported Living21/06/2018
FOI11629Caffael Diplomyddiaeth Sain - Sound Diplomacy Procurement21/06/2018
FOI11632Pension Fund Tobacco Investments21/06/2018
FOI11634Domestic Abuse Accommodation21/06/2018
FOI11652Financial Reviews/Recoveries21/06/2018



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