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Publication Scheme:
Council Function:
TitleSubjectPublished Date
FOI12107Pothole Statistics21/09/2018
FOI12120Access Card Purchasing Info21/09/2018
FOI12124Enclosed Alley Policy21/09/2018
FOI12140_GSL98GFairwood Listed Status Contravention21/09/2018
FOI12146_9K7JNSPrivate Road and Company Query21/09/2018
FOI12152 - Release FileNoise Nuisance Complaints21/09/2018
FOI12160 - Release FileNumber of Public Health Funerals21/09/2018
FOI12161 - Release FileGraffiti Clean-up Costs21/09/2018
FOI12167Grippy Mats21/09/2018
FOI12180Planning Committee Methodology21/09/2018



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