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FOI & Open Data

City of Cardiff Council is committed to publishing increasing amounts of its data.  This promotes openess and transparency and allows others to re-use this data in new and imaginative ways.
City of Cardiff Council has adopted the UK government's approach that data should be published to a minimum of 3 stars. 
This means our data is easily accessible and available to re-use as required (subject to terms outlined in the Open Government Licence).  We are working hard to ensure all our published datasets meet this standard.

Personal data
Protecting your personal data is of paramount importance to us.  We are only publishing data which contains no personal data or where any personal data has been removed.  Publishing data will not impact on our obligations in adhering to the Data Protection Act. is the UK government's national data store.  Its aim is to make data which is published by public sector organisations across the UK easily available.  It is our intention to make available increasing amounts of our data available on this site as well as here on

Data Quality
We want our data to be as accurate as possible and work hard to get this right before it is published.  We don't want data quality however to be a barrier to the publication of data and if we are aware of any issues we'll let you know.  You can also help us to improve the quality of our data.  If you spot any errors please let us know and we'll look into correcting it.

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expandCardiff Council Dataset Register

This  is a comprehensive  list of all datasets currently published  by the City of Cardiff Council. Each dataset is published in a machine readable format and can be reused  as required (subject to the terms outlined in the Open Government Licence)

TypeCardiff Council Dataset Register - 2015-162015-16N/AQuarterly
TypeCardiff Council Dataset Register - Quarter 1 2016-172016-17Q1Quarterly
TypeCardiff Council Dataset Register - Quarter 2 2016-172016-17Q2Quarterly
TypeCardiff Council Dataset Register - Quarter 3 2016-172016-17Q3Quarterly

expandCare Homes

Total figure of payments made to Care Homes in the financial year.

TypeFees Paid to Care Homes 2013-142013-14Q1Annually
TypeFees Paid to Care Homes 2014-152014-15Q1Annually
TypeFees Paid to Care Homes 2015-162015-16N/AAnnually

expandCCTV Devices

A list of all CCTV devices operated within the City of Cardiff.

TypeCCTV Devices 2014-152014-15Q1Annually
TypeCCTV Devices 2015-162015-16N/AAnnually
TypeCCTV Devices 2016-172016-17N/AAnnually
TypeCCTV Devices 2017-182017-18N/AAnnually
TypeCCTV Devices 20202020N/AAnnually
TypeCCTV Devices 2023-242023N/AAnnually

expandCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations

A list of CCTV device locations used for traffic enforcement within the City of Cardiff.

TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Q1 2016-172016-17Q1Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 1 2015-162015-16Q1Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 1 2017-182017-18Q1Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 2 2015-162015-16Q2Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 2 2019-202019Q2Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations- Quarter 2 2016-172016-17Q2Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 3 2015-162015-16Q3Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 3 2016-172016-17Q3Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 4 2014-152014-15Q4Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 4 2015-162015Q4Quarterly
TypeCCTV Enforcement Camera Locations Quarter 4 2016-172016-17Q4Quarterly

expandCemeteries and Crematoria

Cardiff Bereavement Services is part of the City of Cardiff Council. We operate Cardiff Crematorium at Thornhill and 7 cemeteries in Cardiff. Further information including opening times can be accessed here: 

TypeCemeteries and Crematoria 2014-152014-15Q1Annually
TypeCemeteries and Crematoria 2015-162015N/AAnnually
TypeCemeteries and Cremetoria 2023-242023N/AAnnually

expandCity Centre Footfall

A total figure of footfall to Cardiff City Council during the calendar year broken down by months.

TypeCity Centre Footdall - 20172017N/AAnnually
TypeCity Centre Footfall 2005 - 20132005-2013N/AAnnually
TypeCity Centre Footfall - 20162016N/AAnnually
TypeCity Centre Footfall 20142014N/AAnnually
TypeCity Centre Footfall 20152015N/AAnnually
TypeCity Centre Footfall 2018-222023N/AAnnually

expandContracts Register

Cardiff Council has developed a Contract and Framework Calendar which provides a list of all the Council's current contracts and frameworks, including framework arrangements established by the Welsh Purchasing Consortium (WPC)​​​​​​​​​. This list of contracts is aimed to provide current and prospective suppliers and contractors with an idea of the variety of goods, services and works that the council buys. This list is to demonstrate the council's current contracts and frameworks. This does not provide a like-for-like guarantee that the same goods, services or works will be tendered again upon contract expiry.

TypeContracts Register - Update 2 20162016N/ABiannual
TypeContract Register - Update 1 20182018N/ABiannual
TypeContracts Register Update 1 20162016N/ABiannual
TypeContracts Register Update 1 20172017N/ABiannual
TypeContracts Register Update 2 20152015N/ABiannual

expandCorporate Retention Schedule

A schedule providing details of record retention within the City of Cardiff Council.

TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2015-162015-16N/AAnnually
TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2016-172016-17N/AAnnually
TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2014-152014-15N/AAnnually
TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2017-182017-18N/AAnnually
TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2018-192019N/AAnnually
TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2019-202020N/AAnnually
TypeCorporate Retention Schedule 2023-242023N/AAnnually

expandCouncil Car Parks

A list of all council owned car parks including car capacity, blue badge spaces and motorcycle spaces.  Opening Hours and Sat Nav addresses can be accessed here:

TypeCouncil Car Parks - 2014-152014-15Q1Annually
TypeCouncil Car parks 2016-172016-17N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Car Parks 2017-182017-18N/AAnnually

expandCouncil Housing Stock

A list of all Council Housing Stock, including sold and demolished dwellings.

TypeCouncil Housing Stock 2015-162015N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Housing Stock 2017-182017-18N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Housing Stock 2014-152014-15N/AAnnually

expandCouncil Properties Under Occupation

A list of all Cardiff City Council owned properties which are deemed to be under occupation. The dataset shows properties by area, postcode sector and the number of bedrooms for each property.

TypeCouncil Properties Under Occupation 2014-152014-15Q1Annually
TypeCouncil Properties Under Occupation 2015-162015-16N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Properties Under Occupation 2017-182017-18N/AAnnually

expandCouncil Tax Band Charges

A dataset providing details of Council Tax band charges by financial year. The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on which area of Cardiff you live in and which valuation band your property is in.  The valuation band is determined by the Valuation Office Agency. Further information can be found on their website.
Further information relating to Council Tax can be accessed here:

TypeCouncil Tax Band Charges 2015-162015-16Q1Annually
TypeCouncil Tax Band Charges 2016-172016-17N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Tax Band Charges 2017-182017-18N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Tax Band Charges 2018-192019N/AAnnually
TypeCouncil Tax Band Charges 2019-202019-20N/AAnnually

expandCouncillor Allowances

The council publishes details of all allowances paid to councillors on an annual basis.

TypeCouncillor Allowances2015-16Q1Annually